Your support enables Uplift to reach Philadelphia’s grieving children and families.

In grief, everything is connected. There are the thoughts, feelings, and actions we take after a loved one dies. There are the connections we choose to maintain with the mementos we save and the stories we share, and there are the legacies we retain and carry forward.

Grief connects all of us. As a supporter of Uplift Center for Grieving Children, your connection to us may be personally shaped by your own grief journey. Like the children and families who attend Uplift’s programs, you may have also lost a parent or caregiver while you were still a child. Your connections to grief likely include a constellation of supports. Below, we’ve created an infographic of the systems and supports in Philadelphia that intersect for the children and families in Uplift’s grief groups.

Today, we invite you to connect with Uplift and with the work we’ve accomplished since our founding in 2000. Your donations enable us to act as a connector and uplifter for grieving children and families in Philadelphia.


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