Lamya Broussard, MSS, MLSP

Lamya Broussard is a dedicated clinician whose been in the field for the past 13 years.  She’s honored to have worked with various populations including youth aging out of foster care, LGBTQ & homeless youth, youth with co-occurring disorders, underserved communities and schools impacted by compounded grief & loss, opioid laden communities and many more. She’s earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Tuskegee University and her Masters in Social Services & Masters in Law & Social Policy from Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work & Social Research with a specialization in Child & Family Wellbeing.  Prior to earning such degrees and specialization, she’s naturally had a trauma informed mindset. She finds joy and her life purpose in helping others navigate through their healing process.

What Uplifts You?

Eating BBQ chicken & spending quality time with loved ones!

TEL: 267-437-3123 x 7

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