Employee Support Services

Uplift Center for Grieving Children helps children and families heal and grow through their grief journeys. During these difficult days of the COVID-19 pandemic, adults as well as children are experiencing communal grief, as we mourn family members, friends, the normalcy of our lives, and personal interactions.

Uplift can provide meaningful support for your employees and their families.

Uplift has trained thousands of professionals through engaging webinars and workshops. Our Masters’ level clinicians are available to provide Human Resource Departments with specialized trainings. Services include:

  • Guidance on leading self-care check-ins with staff.
  • Webinars for HR Departments including Trauma- and Loss-Informed Approaches to HR in the COVID era, Building a Trauma Informed Workplace, Trauma-Informed Behavior Management, and Supporting Grieving Staff/Grief in the Workplace Series.
  • Panel-style discussions with clinicians in support of HR Departments.

Cost: Prices starting at $250/hour

Uplift can provide a safe space for employees, and their children, to talk through their grief. Services include:

  • Self-care check-ins with employees.
  • Support for employees experiencing ambiguous loss.
  • One-time or ongoing intimate grief support groups for limited numbers of employees.
  • One-time or ongoing family groups for employees and their families.
  • Personalized phone support for employees and their families.

Cost: Each package is individually designed with your company’s needs in mind. Prices start at $500/month for basic package with 50 or fewer employees.

Uplift has a variety of education opportunities including informational sessions, group discussions, and training webinars, designed to create a culture of open and supportive grief acknowledgement. Services include:

  • In-depth discussions to follow viewings of the pre-recorded webinar series Support For The Helpers: Moving Through Our Collective Grief & Trauma Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Webinars including Supporting Each Other Through Grief in the Workplace Series.
  • Self-care support, including yoga and meditation groups.

Cost: Webinars and self care opportunities start at $250/session.

To learn more, please contact Darcy Walker Krause, Executive Director, at darcy@upliftphilly.org, or 267-437-3123, ext. 3.