Lamya Broussard is a dedicated clinician whose been in the field for the past 13 years. She’s honored to have worked with various populations including youth aging out of foster care, LGBTQ and homeless youth, youth with co-occurring disorders, underserved communities and schools impacted by compounded grief and loss, opioid laden communities, and more. Lamya earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Tuskegee University and her Masters in Social Services & Masters in Law & Social Policy from Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work & Social Research with a specialization in Child and Family Wellbeing. Prior to earning such degrees and specialization, Lamya always believed behaviors have a root cause. She finds joy and her life purpose in helping others navigate through their healing process. 

What Uplifts You?

Eating BBQ chicken & spending quality time with loved ones!

Email: lamya@upliftphilly.org
TEL: 267-437-3123 x 7